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Specialty Healthcare Clinics

Fast, Clean Installation for Modular Rehabilitation Center Growth

If your healthcare facility needs to expand quickly, our buildings offer options. Rural healthcare is growing and Rose Office Systems offers fast and clean installation of medical buildings throughout the southeast. Uses for these buildings include behavioral health clinics, rehab facilities, chemotherapy clinics, surgical care buildings and other medical areas.

The Annex Rehab

Size: N/A

Square Feet: N/A

Nurse Station? Yes

Beds: 19

Day Rooms: 1

The Franklin- Chemo Infusion Clinic

Size: 72' X 98'

Square Feet: 6,650

Private Offices: 6-7

Restrooms: MULTI

Breakroom? Yes

Conference? Yes

The Kendall Rehab/ Behavior Health

Size: 60'x101'

Square Feet: ~6500

Nurse Station? Yes

Beds: 10

Day Rooms: 2

The Owens Rehab/ Behavioral Health Clinic

Size: 74' x 183'

Square Feet: 8,450 Approx

Private Offices: 3

Restrooms: Multi

Breakroom? Yes

Conference? Yes

The Rankin- Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Clinic

Size: 37'x60'

Square Feet: 2,220

Private Offices: 2

Restrooms: 2

Breakroom? Yes

The Sterling Rehab

Size: 75 x174

Square Feet: 10,895 Approx

Private Offices: 6

Restrooms: Multi

Breakroom? Yes

Conference? Yes