Founded in 1998 by Garry Cain, Rose Office Systems has established itself as a leader over the last two decades in the modular building industry throughout the southeast. What makes us different from your average structure business is our focus on putting the customer first. Rose Office Systems offers a variety of free benefits that our competitors do not, including professional drafting services, skilled interior design and online customization of your floor plan.

We know that this building you’re purchasing isn’t just another product, it is an investment of both your finances and time. That’s why we at Rose Office Systems want you to be involved in the planning process. From scoping out square footage to drafting your dream designs, our tight-knit team will be there along every step of the way to assist you.

The main reasons that Rose Office Systems stands out from the competition is our speed, quality and cost, three things that you often have to choose between when it comes to the modular building business. Since our models are created in a factory, the site preparations can happen at the same time, meaning that it’s a very speedy process from consultation to installation. Our builds are permanent and boast a long-lasting quality that rivals site-built facilities. Plus since our factories often get the required state approval, many simpler projects won’t even require the pricey input of an architect.

So if you’re looking to save yourself time, money and the headache of poor customer service, then contact us at Rose Office Systems. We’re always ready to work with you on projects, no matter how big or small, and provide the services you need to leave happy.