Rose is unique in the industry having a full time furniture staff with the ability to furnish any level of quality or type of commercial furniture at factory direct pricing. We offer professional interior design and coordination so that your building interior and furniture are all color coordinated. This sets Rose apart from almost all of our competitors.

Modular buildings are built on an assembly line by a manufacturer and delivered to your site by over-the-road trucks. The individual modules are assembled onsite by our experienced setup crew. Our crew handles all of the trim-out of the interior and exterior matelines between the modules. Because the modulars are built in a controlled environment they have a much faster construction time frame than standard stick-built or site-built construction.

In today’s economy, modular buildings make more sense than ever before. Modular buildings offer substantial cost savings over commercial site-built construction – can be up to 50% savings! Contact a Rose sales representative today to discuss pricing on your new commercial modular building.

Yes the factory will install plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems for hookup to the local utility connections at your site. Our professional project team will work with you on the scope of work that you will be responsible for at your site once the building is delivered.

Gone are the days of the cheap “trailer” look. Today’s modular buildings can easily rival conventional construction in both quality and visual appeal. In order to suit almost any preference or budget, we offer floorplans in a wide variety of quality levels. To see photographs of our buildings, please go to our photo galleries.

Yes, unlike many of our competitors, we allow for customization of your modular building to suit your interior design preferences and office space needs. We build to suit almost all of our buildings for our clients. We offer buildings ranging from under 900 square feet to over 20,000 square feet. We have an expert design team on staff that can work to accommodate virtually any type of commercial application and can make your modifications in real time on a screen share online.

Within certain parameters, we may be able to help with a turnkey project. In general, we deliver a building to your site and you are responsible for all of the permitting issues and site work issues such as hooking up utilities, decks, ramps, landscaping, paving, etc.

On a level site, our standard floor level will be approximately 36” high. This is always variable based on the site conditions that we are given. There will be a ventilated crawl space that is enclosed around the perimeter with site installed foundation coverings, which can be stone, brick, siding or vinyl, depending on your budget.

Since our modules are constructed on an assembly line at the factory and setup on your site nearly completed, our construction times are normally very fast.

Rose Modular Buildings are well known in the industry for their high quality and craftsmanship. We build one of the heaviest modular buildings in the industry, utilizing standard grade materials. Our buildings can have as much as 20% more lumber and trusses than site built construction. Normal site built construction is built to withstand 90-100 mph wind-loads in the southeast. Rose buildings typically handle wind-load ratings of 120 mph or more, depending on your location. With proper maintenance, during its lifetime, our buildings should last the same amount of time as a similar site built conventional building.

We offer three options for our buildings.

  1. Outright purchase
  2. Rentals with one year minimums on new buildings
  3. Lease to own programs from 3-7 years with $1 buy-out at the end of the lease term depending on credit conditions. For more information see our leasing page.

Yes, all newly constructed buildings must meet ADA requirements for the interior of the building. However, you are responsible for exterior entrances, parking, landscaping, decks, etc. Your contractor is responsible for the exterior of the building.

All of our buildings are required to meet the code requirements for the state they are located in if we build them brand new. Our new buildings always meet International building code as well as the occupancy code for the state where the building will be installed.

Multi-story buildings are possible with modular and we look at these on a case-by-case basis.

All of our new modular buildings, including custom buildings, will have a standard 12 month factory warranty. The component warranties (ie: HVAC, Roof Materials, Siding Materials, etc) will have various warranties, depending on the products used and their respective companies.

Besides over 36 years of experience in the modular industry, Rose has developed systems that are not offered by any other company. These include professional drafting services at no charge, professional interior design at no charge and a unique online real-time customization of your floor plan to suit your needs. You become the designer because we give you the ability to make adjustments to fit your specifications.